An American in Sophiatown

Filmmaker Michael Rogosin, son of Come Back, Africa director Lionel Rogosin, presents an enthralling account of the making of his father’s gripping 1959 anti-apartheid film in An American in Sophiatown.  Featuring scenes from Come Back, Africa, as well as interviews with Lionel Rogosin, the documentary reveals the many intricacies of secretly making an illegal film under the oppressive apartheid system. But Michael Rogosin’s film reveals more than just the difficulties of making Come Back, Africa; it documents the lasting, devastating effects that the South African government left on its citizens. Lewis Nkosi, who co-wrote Come Back, Africa’s script and appeared in the film itself, is reunited for the first time with what remains of his hometown, Sophiatown, which was destroyed and rebuilt upon orders from the former government. An American in Sophiatown allows viewers to wonder about the sacrifices taken to produce the strongest indictment of the South African apartheid system ever made, and also to witness the lasting scars caused by oppression and discrimination.

Press Release for AN AMERICAN IN SOPHIATOWN from producer Michael Rogosin